Mission Series


Sleek and elegant design
A curved and streamlined exterior that will fit into any interior, with air outlet and display screen discreetly hidden.

Energy saving technology
A highly efficient inverter system and iECO energy saving technology make this air conditioner very economical to run.

3D airflow
The unit has auto horizontal and vertical swing function which supplies an even and comfortable airflow throughout the room.

Self-cleaning outdoor unit
At the end of each operation the outdoor unit fan will run in reverse, removing dust to improve efficiency and reduce wear and tear.

Flashcool Technology
The high frequency start-up system generates a strong flow of cool air in a very short time.

App remote control
Control the air conditioner and set timers easily through the app on your smartphone.

Smart diagnostics
Automatic monitoring system that detects and diagnoses errors at an early stage. Error codes are clearly indicated for fast service.