V4 Plus R



Wide capacity range
The V4+ R series has an extensive range of capacities, from 8HP to 64HP, meeting all customer requirements from small to large buildings.

Easy installation and service
Simultaneous cooling and heating achieved for new designed MS(Mode Swtich) box. The newly designed control box can be rotated up to 150 degrees to provide access to the pipeline system. Inspection and maintenance can be carried out without the need to remove the control box.

Wide Operation Range
Mini VRF Series operates stably under extreme conditions, ranging from minus 15°C to 48°C.


Duty cycling
Duty cycling equalises the running time of the outdoor units in a multiple-unit system and of the compressors
in each unit, significantly extending compressor lifespan.

Back up
In a multi-unit system, if one module fails, the other modules provide backup so that the system can continue operating.

Precise oil control technology
Five stages of oil control technology ensure all outdoor compressor oil is always kept at a safe level, eliminating any
compressor oil shortage problems.

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