Spare Parts Request

FG Europe have access to and hold next day spares for every model we have sold into Europe.

If your requested spare part is for a unit that FG have not supplied, please understand that as much as we would like to support your business find the requested spare part, that we do not have a responsibility to supply spares for units that we have not sold.

The original importer own the data and specification code numbers for the units that they have imported and supplied into the UK.

We have no idea of the products origin and specification and it may therefore be faster for you to gain your requested items from the original importer.  Please make this request prior to completing your spare parts order form with FG Europe UK.

If you have a service contract for equipment that has been supplied by another importer and you would like to responsibly take professional care of this contract. Please supply us with the project asset list, including all model and serial numbers and date of manufacture, we will then make contact with Midea CN in an attempt to source and supply a recommended spare parts list.

Alternatively if you have the need to replace systems with new and would like to take advantage of a 10 Year Warranty from the only official UK supplier of Midea Products then please contact us.

Spare Part Request Form