Midea World Cup Promotion Terms & Conditions


Terms last updated 14/06/18 (16:12) 

In Brief:

  • Follow the Midea UK Page and like the competition post.
  • Answer the questions in full within the comments of the original Midea UK post relating to the competition fixture including # before each answer. (Only predictions on the Midea UK LinkedIn post will qualify. Answers on any other posts including shared posts and comment threads will not be valid)
  • One entry per LinkedIn user, any edited comments will be disqualified.
  • Competition entry times close 30 Minutes before kick-off, any predictions made after Midea UK declare the deadline will not be counted.
  • FIFA recorded time of 1st goal and final score will be final.
  • £1000 is the maximum prize per fixture with the amount shared in the event of multiple correct answers.
  • Winner/Winners will be paid in vouchers from a retailer of their choice.


  1. Competition

This competition will run from 14th June – 15th July 2018 during the 2018 Fifa World Cup.  Each participating match the amount of £1000 is available to be won by Winner(s) with the Prize being awarded depending upon the outcome of the chosen match (“as detailed in revealed promotion”) . The relevant game that the participants must make correct predictions on is the Competition Fixture Terms and conditions of entry and participation are further detailed below.

  1. Prize
    • The prize for winning the Competition in relation to any particular Competition Fixture of the tournament is a single non-cash payment of GBP £1000 (although the prize may be increased at the discretion of FGEuropeUK for any reason (the “Prize”).
    • The Prize will be awarded subject to, and as described in, these terms and conditions following the conclusion of the chosen Competition Fixture. This will typically be a 2018 world cup finals fixture played at participating stadia which contain Midea HVAC equipment.


  • The Prize will be awarded to the relevant LinkedIn participant sent within 5 working days of the verification and acceptance of the Prize.
  • Any Prize(s) awarded shall at all times remain subject to these terms and conditions (including, but not limited to, the cancellation or postponement of the Competition in accordance with clause10, or disqualification of the winning participant.
  1. Winners
    • The Prize will be won by the participant(s) who place(s) a valid prediction which correctly predicts:
      • The relevant AC related industry question on the participating release poster;
      • The minute of the first goal, and
      • The Correct Score at the Full-Time whistle, following 90 minutes of play + injury time

in the Competition Fixture (each a “Winner” and together the “Winners“)


  • In the event that there are multiple Winners, the Prize will be split evenly amongst all In the event that no participant makes a correct prediction (in accordance with clause 3(a) above), the Prize will not be rolled over to the next Competition Fixture (if any).
  • Winners in relation to each Competition Fixture will be contacted via LinkedIn within 2 days of FG Europe UK posting the result of the Competition Fixture on its Midea UK Page, using the contact details provided or by replying to your original winning prediction. You are responsible for making sure we have your contact details in the event of winning the competition. If you are a Winner, you must accept the prize by replying to our LinkedIn message within 5 days of receiving notification of the award.


  • Failure to do so will result in any potential share of The Prize being forfeited.
  1. Prediction Period

All predictions must be made up until 30 minutes prior to scheduled kick off on the selected game. A maximum of 1 prediction per LinkedIn account, any 2nd prediction or edited prediction will disqualify all predictions. All predictions must be placed on the original LinkedIn Midea UK post via the comments section. Predictions made on shared versions of this post will not be considered. Predictions made less than 30 minutes before scheduled kick off will not be valid.

The prediction period for any future Competition Fixture in which participants can submit their predictions will be chosen by FG Europe UK and posted on the MIDEA UK LinkedIn page.

Predictions that are not validly submitted during the prediction period will be forfeited upon closure of the prediction period.

  1. Entrance Requirements
    • You will not be eligible for this promotion if you have breached any of the general terms and conditions of any of the events within this promotion.
    • Employees of the FG Europe group and their immediate families (i.e. parent, spouse, sibling or child) are not permitted to enter this promotion, neither may the employees or the immediate families of any third-party agencies assisting with the creation or operation of this promotion.
    • Only individuals within or linked to spend in the HVAC industry are eligible to enter this promotion, unless given a specific like and comment from Midea UK.
    • Individuals employed in recruitment are excluded from this competition.
    • Only residents of the United Kingdom and Ireland are permitted to enter this promotion. Any predictions that may be received from such participants in other territories will be void.
    • Prizes and predictions are non-transferrable and there are no cash equivalents for predictions. The Competition area will be made available on our official Midea UK page. On certain devices, it may not be available, depending on the operating system and device.
    • Once a prediction is made it cannot be amended, voided or cancelled by you.
    • If you attempt to submit a prediction and are unable to for any reason (for example due to website outage), such attempt shall not be deemed a valid prediction and shall not be considered in the awarding of the Prize. Your prediction shall be deemed to have been “submitted” when you can see your comment has appeared on the original MideaUK post.

The Prize value will always be denominated in GBP

  1. Participation

The LinkedIn Competition is held by the promotor “FG Europe UK”.

This promotion is in no way sponsored or endorsed or administered by or associated with LinkedIn or any other social media network. You are providing your information to FG Europe UK Limited and not to any other party and by entering this condition you as an entrant indicate agreement to be bound by these terms and conditions.

Only and exclusively individuals who are 18 years of age or older at the date of entry shall be eligible to participate in said competition.

Participation in the MIDEA UK Competition is free.

You participate in the LinkedIn Competition by Liking the nominated post on LinkedIn, completing the poll question which involves submitting a prediction on the time of the first goal and the final score. (or at times any other question)

By entering your name and further data you hereby give consent that FG Europe UK may contact you directly should you be selected as winner.

In the event that you are nominated as the winner of the competition, you hereby consent to your name being used in any publicity, promotional or marketing material.

  1. Calculation of Winning Details
    • AC Related Question
    • FG Europe (Midea UK) reserve the right to ask any questions relating to the HVAC industry

Minute of First Goal

When predicting the minute of the first goal, the participant may select:

any minute during the period of play up to the Full-Time whistle, following 90 minutes of play + injury time.

Minutes are calculated as follows: minute 1 is the period between kick-off and 0:59, minute 2 is the time between 1:00 and 1:59, and so on. Minute 45 covers the period 44:00 to the Half Time Whistle and Minute 90 covers the period 89:00 to the Full Time Whistle however long the duration of play after 45 or 90 minutes (as applicable). The minute as provided by Opta will be deemed to be the time of the goal.

The correct prediction will be the prediction of the minute in which the first goal is scored.

The minute of the first goal shall be determined by the time of the first goal as announced by Opta. For the avoidance of doubt, and by way of example, a goal awarded in minute 30’ would belong to the minute band 29.00-29:59 within the Competition minute selector.

Correct Score

When predicting the Correct Score, the participant may select any score.

For all Competition Fixtures, the score at the Full-Time whistle following 90 minutes of play + injury time will be deemed to be the winning outcome.

A Correct Score of 0-0 is not presented as a selectable outcome within the Correct Score list because a game that finishes 0-0 will have no first goal scorer or first goal minute


  1. Disputed results

If there is a dispute over the award of a Prize for any reason, FG EUROPE UK (Midea UK) decision will be final and conclusive.

Disqualification of winners

If any Winner-:

has been in breach of any of the general terms and conditions at any time.

cannot be contacted after FG EUROPE UK (MIDEA UK) has taken all of the steps to do so in accordance with these terms and conditions or can be contacted but has not accepted or confirmed acceptance of the Prize within 5 days of being contacted.

has not been verified in accordance with the general terms and conditions within 5 days of being contacted.

has been deemed to be abusing the promotion at any time; such Winner will be disqualified from the Competition.

In the event that there is only one winner in relation to any Competition Fixture and that winner is subsequently deemed to be ineligible to receive the Prize for any reason, the Prize relating to such Competition Fixture will not roll over to the next Competition Fixture but Midea UK may, at its sole discretion, decide to offer a rollover prize on the next Competition Fixture or any other future Competition Fixture

  1. Publication of your details

By entering this promotion, you consent to FG Europe UK (Midea uk) using your name, likeness, image and photograph in promotional media in the event that you are a winner.

  1. Cancellation or postponement of the Competition

The running of the Competition in relation to any Competition Fixture is dependent upon events which are not under the control of FG EUROPE UK (Midea UK). FG EUROPE UK (Midea UK) cannot anticipate every possible scenario which may affect the Competition Fixture. FG EUROPE UK (Midea UK) reserves the right to, acting reasonably, suspend, delay or cancel the Competition in relation to any Competition Fixture.

In the event that the Competition is cancelled in relation to any Competition Fixture due to an event outside of the control of FG EUROPE UK (MideaUK) (including but not limited to acts of terrorism, floods, storms, cancellation or abandonment of the Competition Fixture): (i) all predictions placed in order to qualify for that Competition Fixture will stand as individual predictions; and (ii) all entries / predictions in respect of that Competition Fixture itself shall be void, and the Prize shall not be awarded to any participant.

FG EUROPE UK (Midea UK) reserves the right to cancel or discontinue the Competition at any time for any reason in its absolute discretion but such cancellation or discontinuance shall not apply to any Competition Fixture already active i.e. the Prize for that Competition Fixture has been awarded or is in process of being awarded or the prediction period in respect of the Competition Fixture is open.

11 .  Abuse of promotions

FG EUROPE UK (Midea UK) encourages participants to participate in promotions, but  to refrain from abusing them Abuse of this promotion (or reasonably suspected abuse of this promotion), or any improper conduct.. Subject to your right to refer any dispute for individual adjudication (as set out in the general terms and conditions) the decision of FG EUROPE (Midea UK) on this matter is final.

Glossary of Terms

Day (and any references to times) – means the times within the 24 hours that ends at midnight (and times referred to shall be UK times).

Full Time – means when the referee blows the final whistle ending the Competition Fixture and shall include any injury time.

First Goal – the first Goal is deemed the first goal that is scored in the Competition Fixture. The minute that the first goal will be scored and the Correct Score at the Full-Time whistle following 90 minutes of play + injury time.

Prediction – a prediction is a prediction for the first Goal, in terms of which team will score the first goal in the Competition Fixture, the minute that this goal is scored and the Correct Score at the Full-Time whistle following 90 minutes + injury time. Predictions can be made once the previous Competition Qualifying Period has concluded.